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ZW,ZWL Series Self -priming non- clogging sewage pump/ CAST IRON or STAINLESS StEEL

ZW,ZWL Series Self -priming non- clogging sewage pump/ CAST IRON or STAINLESS StEEL

  • Order Quantity:
  • 1-500
  • Business:
  • control valve,chimney valve,check valve,ball valve,butterfly valve
  • Export:
  • 11% - 20%
  • Volume:
  • US$2.5 Million - US$5 Million
  • Address:
  • Room 301, No. 7, Building 5, Zhongxuan Road, Yongxing Street, Longwan Dist., Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China (Mainland)

Product Detail

Quick Details
  • Place Of Origin:zhejiang China (mainland)
  • Brand Name:wl
  • Model Number:zw/zx
  • Theory:self-priming
  • Structure:single-stage Pump
  • Usage:water
  • Power:electric
  • Standard Or Nonstandard:standard
  • Fuel:electricity
  • Pressure:low Pressure
  • Application:sewage
  • Self-priming Pump:zx
  • Self- Priming Sewage Pump:zw

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ZW -type self-priming sewage pump

ZW -type self-priming sewage pump-free plug set self-priming
and non-plugging a sewage, water can be as general as not an end
of self-priming pump valve, without irrigation water, can be pumped
solid particles with a diameter of large diameter export 50% and fiber
length of 1.5 times the impeller diameter, dirt, sediments, mine waste
impurities, fecal sewage treatment works and all materials and colloidal
liquid completely reduce labor intensity, and the use of mobile, installation
convenience, most
ess maintenance, performance and stability.
Compared with similar products, with simple structure, good performance
of self-priming, sewage capacity, and at the sewage pump is a domestic
product in the first. UN-technical performances of the leading domestic
target to reach the international advanced level and has broad application
of the market and prospects for development.
Environmental protection for water treatment, municipal sewage
works, medicine, hotels, culture, food, paper, petrochemical, power,
mining, transport units and mixed slurry suspensions.
According to media clients have the use of cast iron materials
and 304,316 L, CD-4Mcu, 904 stainless steel. Media such as high
temperatures can also double-end machine to do letters, boxes of
water-cooled air-cooled bearing special bearing box structure, the
total weight of impurities media medial does not exceed 15% of the
total weight, medium weight not more than 1240 kg/cu m, medium
temperature:^ 6 0 ^ , flow: 3-800m 3/h head: 10-80m speed 1450,


ZX self-priming pump/ZW self- priming sewage pump

ZX series self-prim ing centrifugal pump is a new modified
centrifugal pump which is developed on the basis of absorbing
domestic and overseas advanced technology of the same product
and combining many years design and manufacturing experience
of our company.
It stands out the advantage of simple structure, convenient
operation and maintenance, stable working, high efficiency, long
life, good self-priming performance etc. It need not bottom valve
in the pipeline. It just needs to have amount of liquid in pump for
self-priming before starting pump. So it predigests pipeline system
and improves working condition.
1. It is used in environment protection, construction, fire pro­
tection, chem ical industry, pharm acy, printing and dyestuff,
brewage, electric power, electroplate, papermaking, washing for
industry and mine, cool for device.
2. It can spray by turning water into little drop for farm, garden
3. It is suitable for clear water, sea water and chemical medium
with acid and alkali and mushy slurry(viscosity 100 centipois
consistency for solid can not exceed 30% of total medium.
4. It can be used to transport slurry to compressor and filter with compressor and filte






SG vertical pipeline booster pump

SG vertical pipeline booster pump for high-rise buildings are pressurized
water to address the low pressure pipe developed a new type of vertical
single-stage centrifugal pump, than the current application of the horizontal
centrifugal pump with a lot of advantages. SG pipeline pumps because
of the use of advanced mechanical seal, direct the installation of the
spindle motor impeller, SG pipeline pumps so there is less leakage,
high efficiency, the provincial power, compact structure, small size,
light weight, easy fitting, and in accordance with the flow head the
need to adopt and use the characteristics of series. SG pipeline centrifug
al pump as the replacement of conventional products,in place of a
variety of old-fashioned pump, has been widely used in various in
dustries, has become a universal trend.
Main purpose
SG vertical booster pump pipe is mainly applied to high-rise buildin
gs,garden spray, pressurized pipe, hot and cold water, flammable
liquids and corrosive liquid delivery and a variety of boilers, water
supply, HVAC, chemical, oil pipeline equip ment matching.
(1) SG pipeline pumps (cold water) is applied to high-rise building
pressurized water, garden sprinkling, cooling towers, Sheung Shui,
long-distance water supply, refrigeration flushing, bathroom and
well-being, such as pressurized water cycle. Temperature below 80 °C.
(2) SGR pump for hot water heating pipes, boilers, high temperature hot
water and other industries pressurization cycle. Temperature below 150 "C.
(3) SGP decay pipeline pumps are stainless steel transmission pipeline
corrosion medium pumps for the food, pharmaceutical, brewing, chemical
and other industries to use the process. Temperature below 100 "C.
(4) SGB pipeline explosion-proof pumps for petroleum, chemical
liquids non-corrosive flammable liquid delivery. Temperature below 80
(5) SGPB anti-corrosion pipeline explosion-proof pumps for chemical
industry, chemical liquids, corrosive flammable liquid delivery zone.
Temperature below 150 t).



ISW horizontal pipeline centrifugal pump


1. ISW series horizontal centrifugal pump, It is mainly used in water supply and liquid similar with water in physical and chemical
quality, applicable to water supply and drain for factory and city, high building, boat, garden irrigation, firefight,long distance water
supply, bathroom and other water circulation kit, the medium temperature is not exceed 85"C.
2. ISWR. ISWRD horizontal centrifugal hot water pump is applicable to enegy, metallurgy, wood making, chemical, textile, paper
making and restaurant, bathroom, hotel, increasing circulation pressure for boiler and house, the medium temperature is not exceed
3. ISWH horizontal chemical centrifugal pump is applicable to oil, chemical, metallurgy, electricity, paper making 'food, pharmarcy,
synthesize fibre, etc. transport the corrosive liquid with tempertation between -20-1051
4. ISWB horizontal anti-expLode oil pump is applicable to oil, textile, chemical, mechanism to transport the medium easy to lighted,
exploded, with temperation below 120.
1. Compact structure,with motor, beautiful outline, take small place, about 30% reduce compare to common horizontal type.It
can working in outdoor with IP54 outdoor motor.
2. Stablely operated, low noise, direct coupling., the impeller has balance performance with non-vibration, low noise, which is
relong the use life of the shaft bearing, and improve the working environment.
3. Seal adopt good mechanism seal, dynamic and static loop are made of hard alloy ,anti-grind,non-lea-kage, long used.
4. Adopt advanced hydraulic module with high effiency and good performance.
5. Particular structure, the pump bottom has a water discharge hole, and take pressure hole both in inlet and outlet flange, which
is comfirm good performance and maintance.
6. Level inlet, vertical outlet, that convenience to install the pipe.
Working Condition
1. The max suck pressure is  1 .OMPa,pump system is not exceed 1.6MPa(suction pressure +lift pressure), static pressure is
2.5MPa. if higher than it, plus tell us,we can make it witXh steel casing of liquid contact part and contact accessories
2. Circumambience temperation is not exceed 40 , relative humidity is below 95%.
3. The volume of the granule is not exceed 0.1% of whole medium, viscosic is below 0.2mm.
If the medium contains granule, plus tell us, so that we can installed grind proof mechanism seal.





  ISG vertical pipeline centrifugal pump

ISG series single stage single suck pipeline centrifugal pump.
This excellent type designed by our engineers is according to good
hydraulic module of domestic, adopt the performace parameter of
IS series centrifugal pump. This series include hot water pump,
high temperature pump, anti-corrosive chemical pump, oil pump,
anti-explode chemical pump, low rotate speed pump.

It advanced in high efficiency, energy save, low noise, perfor­
mance stablely, etc.
1. Vertical structure, the same size and level of inlet and
outlet, beautiful outline, take small place, low cost of construction.
It can working in outdoor with water proof. Cover.
2. Stablely operated, low noise, low vibration.
3. Seal adopt good mechanism seal, seal loop is made of
titanium alloy, anti-grind, non-leakage,long used.
4. Convenient to installation and repaired, no need to disa
semble the pipeline system, only to disassemble the connect seat
nut to take out all rotator accessories.
5. Free to choose the connect way in series or in parallel
connection according to the discharge and lift you need.
6. Free to choose the horizontal or vertical installation.




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